About the International Center of Friendship (ICF)


"In conditions when distances stopped being a barrier, the companies should compete with the whole world. Technological progress is the engine of changes. It defines how people in future will effectively run business when national and geographical boundaries disappear. For this purpose managers should not only see the innovative ideas already now, but also to form perspective teams".


What we do

ICF is the innovative educational project. We search and introduce new technologies in life, we train and we develop the multinational managers capable to create global international projects worldwide. 


Our project connects together the best students of the international higher educational institutions, businessmen, scientists, practice experts and investors from around the world, helps them to develop and introduce progressive ideas together. We learn to think and make plans globally, at the same time to work and react locally.


Partners of ICF are 193 countries– members of the UN. Our pupils are representatives of the most different nationalities. Training events of the Center are based on the idea of international integration and take place by the principle of future-education in all measurements: in technological, social and psychological, ethno-national.


With whom we work


We make careful selection of the best students from the profiles of higher education institutions from the partner countries of the project and form unique international teams of pupils in ten directions. The digital platform of the Center will allow all listeners to participate in processes of training and practical work worldwide, at any time.


Thanks to such integration each student of our Center has an opportunity to exchange experience, knowledge, cultural and cultural wealth quickly and effectively. It finally will help to create and implement "the project of the dream" of the international scale.


That will give students our educational modules:

- Additional professional education

- Flexible individual system of training with science, business, consulting "tutors" monitoring

- Fundamental knowledge of strategic development, design and planning

- Practical disciplines - project management, finance, resources, PR and marketing, including SEO advance, SMM marketing

- Possibility of training and practice in the leading international companies

- Direct contact with the potential employer

Young scientists and businessmen

World business needs new "Ilon Musk"s  and the enormous ideas – the ideas about which people say: "It is impossible!". Without it the economy will not move forward. But the right ideas opening in business pots of gold often remain dreams because it is very difficult for authors to realize them independently.

Our principle of international and educational integration will give the chance to young scientists:

- to declare the dream idea to the whole world

- to interact actively with the leading scientific centers and design bureaus of the world

- to receive a unique educational trajectory in projects implementation on the ideas basis

- to monetize intellectual property.


The vast majority of investors are capable earlier, than other society to predict trends and to reveal the perspective ideas. In this sense they are on the first line of progress. The good investor has to be aware of all potentially breakthrough subjects and the expert in innovations. 

What our Center gives to investors?:

- To accurately define what projects, the companies and in what spheres worth attention

- To find accurately structured project (not a startup) with the developed team, justification and study which is supported by practice experts, mentors from science and business




Today the main task of shareholders and top managers of any global company is to adjust internal management of external changes: from technological to political. In the future the importance of this work will only increase. Employers need professionals of new generation – the managers of different nationalities belonging to different cultures and different attitude towards work. Modern problems are too much multidimensional; they demand a simultaneous look from the different parties.


What our Center gives to employers?


- Direct contact with skilled staff from any point of the world

- Decrease in costs of hiring and adaptation of new employees, including foreigners

- Possibility of employees training of all levels


What skills and abilities do all listeners develop during training:

- Ability to make the justified management decisions

- To perfect strategic thinking, enterprise skills, abilities to innovations

- To get and develop interpersonal skills of group work

- Ability to continue training and personal development

- To receive preparation for roles of leaders and reformers in the organizations

- Ability to cope with administrative stress correctly

Who are our teachers?

We work with the leading world universities, scientific centers and design bureaus. Teachers of our Center have a long-term experience with foreigners at the initial stage of training. All teachers know foreign languages that allow contacting with each pupil from the first days of training.

We are the Center of your Friendship!

The majority of really important things - love, friendship, creativity - cannot be "pumped over", learned or bought. But without them, it will not turn out to make decisions, to direct the team of employees and to keep projects. We do not grow up business sharks, we form management teams which efficiency is based on mutual trust, attachment, community of interests and values, common cause.

All the year round on our educational platforms we guarantee warm psychological climate.

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