Language is nation

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“The separation from language is equivalent to excommunication from the history”

Osip Mandelstam


The language of any nation reflects the national picture of the world with all its history. The word forms the worldview, and the worldview - traditions in all their originality.

Why do you need the Russian language

Students of our center are representatives of different nationalities from 193 countries. But they all will come to study in Russia and will live in Russian community, space, traditions and culture. In order not to feel like a stranger here and fully integrate into the educational process; it is necessary to understand the Russian worldview, culture and history. It is impossible to do it without communication in Russian. 

Therefore, the unifying beginning for all students of the Center should be the Russian language, the study of which will be as important as obtaining fundamental professional knowledge and practical skills. 


Of course, Russian is one of the most difficult languages in the world. But this should not frighten. Our Center implements innovative curricula, the purpose of which is not only to teach foreigners to understand the meaning of Russian words, but also to show their beauty and strength, which is contained in the sacred historical codes. Constant war and multinational left a lot of language borrowings, made the language so rich, colorful and diverse, when each word carries a unique, deep image.


For example, the word "soul" is familiar and native for the Russian language. Through the prism of "soul" Russian people see everything in this world. Through the " soul "we all feel – " pour out the soul"," open the soul"," speak heart to heart"," the soul goes to the heels", "stand over the soul". In all this examples we can see the essence of Russian "soul", so much mysterious for foreigners.


How is training organized:

- classes can be held both in groups and individually. A combination of individual and group classes is possible.

- the choice of several programs, different in degree of intensity and duration of training

- After completing the course of study at the Center, foreign citizens can pass state testing. In case of successful passing the listener will be issued a certificate of the state sample about the level of Russian language proficiency. This certificate gives the right to continue their education at one of the faculties of RosNOU or any other educational institution in Russia.

Additional opportunity:

However, in addition to the opportunity to continue their education in Russia, foreigners who acquire the Russian language, get other benefits:

- there is a growing need for specialists who know Russian in the world. Knowledge of the Russian language opens up opportunities for students in their countries to work in government agencies, energy, agriculture, space industry

- Russia plays an important role in the development of world science and technology, which is another serious argument in favor of the study of the Russian language

Russian is becoming more widespread in the world. It is the language of science and art. It is spoken by about a billion people in nine time zones, Russian writers created works that have become world classics. It contains thousands of scientific studies and technical projects. We invite the participants of our "International Center of Friendship" to join the global project entitled “learning Russian”.

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